MUST READ: Alden says he will invite grandma fan to his wedding with Maine!

MUST READ: Alden says he will invite grandma fan to his wedding with Maine!

A fan with the handle @bL0ss0m1 visited the Eat Bulaga studio with her lola or grandma hoping to meet Alden and get his autograph on a collection of AlDub magazines. Apparently, it was the grandma's birthday wish to meet Alden.

The Pambansang Bae didn't disappoint the charming old lady.
(Image Credit: @bL0ss0m1)

According to a screenshot posted on FashionPulis, Alden went out of his way to grant the grandma's birthday wish. He had a picture taken with her, kissed her, paid his respect via the traditional gesture of "mano po", and hugged her. The Pambansang Bae also greeted her on her birthday and then signed her AlDub magazine collection.

After all those nice gestures, the grandma said that she can die already because she had her picture taken with Alden. "Nakita na kita Alden, pwede na ko mamatay". 

And what do you think the Pambansang Bae said?

He reportedly said, "Wag po muna kayo mamatay muna, lola, kasi iinvite ko pa kayo sa kasal namin ni Maine" (Don't die yet lola, I will still invite you to my wedding with Maine.)

According to the fan, Alden said those words with so much confidence and conviction. 

Another fan with the handle @kristelareyes, she was there and witnessed Alden saying those words.

(Image Credit:@kristelayreyes)

The tweets about the Alden's sweet reply have been retweeted and reposted by AlDub fans. A lot of them are thankful and overjoyed that AlDub have a "forever" to look forward to. A few can hardly believe that Alden said those words but felt the kilig, just the same. 

If Alden said those words, take note that it is unscripted since it was said off camera. Was he joking when he said those words? The witnesses never said that Alden was joking about it. So, time to celebrate again, AlDub nation?

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