MUST SEE: Carrot Man, AlDub Team Up For New Project?

MUST SEE: Carrot Man, AlDub Team Up For New Project?

Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a. Carrot Man continues his journey to stardom as he recently lands his first endorsement deal to Philippine clothing and footwear brand.  The viral sensation from Mountain Province is setting aside his carrot farming duties as he has been spotted taping for several GMA-7 programs like Sunday Pinasaya, Vampire Ang Daddy Ko, Wowowin and Bubble Gang.

The Carrot Man’s recent TV appearance is not a far cry of being included in a regular show in the network who capitalized the Carrot Man craze.  It was reported that Carrot Man already signed to be a Dabarkads and is now a certified Kapuso.

If the alleged regular appearance for the Carrot Man with the Dabarkads is true, he will then be joining another internet sensation and accidental love team “AlDub.”  The pairing of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza also known as Yaya Dub has led to all kinds of records not only for “Eat Bulaga” but to the local social media as well.  The Twitter-verse has been a witness how the so-called accidental love team flourished on national TV thru the longest running noontime TV show.

The AlDub phenomenon brought hashtag explosions to Twitter ever since the split-screen romance on TV started.  It also led Alden and Maine several television ads featuring them individually or both as a love team.

We wonder why Filipinos have a soft spot for the two internet sensations.  The Carrot Man represents the Indigenous People of the Philippines, a carrot farmer and responsible son on his usual day. 

AlDub’s natural acting and spontaneity on television has added the charisma of no-nonsense and being respectful Filipino values and traditions which gives off a warm and comforting feeling that people got to witness something ordinary-yet-special just right at home.
This just concludes that both being products of the social media can truly relate to the Filipino audience to its core.

It would be cool then if the phenomenal love team will star a movie together with the Carrot Man perhaps a movie that talks about relieving Filipino values in the modern day setting employing some humour on the side.  And we can’t deny that Filipinos are fun-loving persons.  The Carrot Man could play a lost long brother or cousin as some fans pointed out some similarities with Alden Richards.

How about pitching in a possible movie title for our well-loved Filipino internet sensations?
Photo: Twitter/avel bacudio, Twitter/VIC SOTTO

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Grace Padua
April 17, 2016 at 12:28 PM ×

This is good news, mountain people are our brothers and his acceptance to a wider audience is very much welcome. It's a happy feeling to learn that the modern crop of young Filipinos help each other no division between them but an open arm and warm embrace.

Congrats bro Grace Padua you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...
Thanks for your comment

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