MUST WATCH : Alden Richards Behind The scenes in Techno Marine PH

MUST WATCH : Alden Richards Behind The scenes in Techno Marine PH

Founded by Franck Dubarry.  In December of 1997, Franck Dubarry, a successful French entrepreneur and diver, overwhelmed by passionate love for the sea and a great appreciation for nice designs, presented into the horology world his first creation - the TechnoMarine watch. The timepiece gave birth to the entire brand with the same name. The event took place in St. Tropez, France. The first timepiece developed by Dubarry featured an elegant stainless steel chronograph with a semi-transparent plastic band called the Raft. The innovative design and superior craftsmanship of the TechnoMarine timepieces were immediately appreciated and the brand sold over 50,000 units during its first year of production.

TechnoMarine produces watches equipped with high-tech Swiss timekeeping mechanisms, the most reliable guarantee of the best watch-making quality in the world, united with cutting edge design and exclusive French style, TechnoMarine provides modern watch enthusiasts with wristwatches that perform perfectly on the dance-floor as well as at the depth down to 660 feet.

The year 1999 marked the appearance of a breakthrough design, the TechnoDiamond watch. The famous timepiece encompassed over a carat of diamonds offering a choice of colored bands. These stylish watches caused an overnight phenomenon around France and the Middle East. The horology world applauded to the new creation at that year's Basel watch show. Its virtues were recognized internationally by sportsmen and connoisseurs of luxury items.

In 2005, TechnoMarine presented a colorful collection of timepieces called the Technodiamond Chrono Ceramic. The research and development of the colored ceramic bracelets took two years to be completed as ceramic is quite difficult to work with that results in a higher rejection rate.

TechnoMarine creations are embellishing the wrists of their loyal fans, among which there are such diverse personalities as Prince Albert of Monaco, Ringo Starr, Lenny Kravitz, Sharon Stone, Barbara Streisand, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others. The celebrity interest further promoted the consumer demand for the TechnoMarine timepieces that even surpassed the existing retail supply. (Source Credits : Wikipedia)

Now TechnoMarine PH brings you Alden Richards as one of their endorsers! Here are some of the behind the scenes of his endorsement!

We take you behind the scene of TechnoMarine's photoshoot with one of today's top celebrities, Mr. Alden Richards. #AldenForTechnoMarine #LiveDeeper #FreedomAndElegance #TechnoMarinePH

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