MUST WATCH : Alden Richards visits Maine Mendoza's Condominium ?

MUST WATCH : Alden Richards visits Maine Mendoza's Condominium ?

Let make a recap first of the 39th Weeksary of Aldub !

Maine is still looking for her book, here comes Alden with his fan signs! Happy weeksary to Maine & Alden!

Alden: mula ng dumating ka, maraming nabago…araw-araw nakikilala kita ng mabuti…araw-araw mas masaya…ikaw at ako…hindi magbabago :)

It’s joke time for Alden & Maine! Alden has gifts for Maine, flowers and Romeo & Juliet book. Wow, the gifts are teleporting via split screen. Thank you Bae!

Alden: Ikaw ang Juliet ng buhay ko :)

Maine even forgot about their weeksary and monthsary, Alden is a bit sad now. She’s too busy with a lot of things, she forgot about the saturday monthsary of AlDub. Oh, she’s only joking Alden, she knows it’s their weeksary. A split-screen kiss puts a smile on Alden’s face!

Here comes Lola Nidora and Tinidora! Lola advises both Maine & Alden to take care of any petty quarrels and avoid stress at all times. Here comes the Rogelios with the Rogelia, their new body guard :) Lola Tinidora is a bit skeptic with Rogelia, can she protect the Lolas? Don’t worry Lola, Rogelia is a girl but she can defend the Lolas!

Lola Nidora introduces Rogelia to Alden, she will take care of Alden. Here comes Yaya Pak with her pancit! Wow, Yaya Pak likes Rogelia :) Oh, it’s a beauty showdown with Rogelia and Yaya Pak. First, is the fashion model challenge, Q&A portion and boxing! Don’t worry it’s just a friendly competition. FREEZE!

But wait there's more ! The kilig never stops there , Maine Mendoza posted on her snapchat story that Alden visited her BUT its a standee of Alden , a standee of Magnolia.

Maine Mendoza made fun of Alden Richards standee that turned out to be a kilig scene of them ! Here is the snapchat update from meng!

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