MUST WATCH : How Maine Mendoza Celebrated her Sunday April 10,2016!

MUST WATCH : How Maine Mendoza Celebrated her Sunday April 10,2016!

In one of Maine Mendoza's Snpchat post we saw there that she is spending her time with her ICS Family, so what's up with this ICS Family?

I think this ICS Family is their family group/organization that they spend time with for many years . Actually way back 2013 Maine Mendoza wrote about her seminar with the ICS Family and maybe on this day Maine and Coleen attended a seminar too for ICS Family. Here is her blog about ICS Seminar way back 2013 !

Before anything else, watch the compilation of random videos they/we had during our 6-hour stay! Credits to ate Almira for the video! and the pictures as well
Okay eto na. Just got back from Subic! (this was supposed to be posted the day after our trip but then our crappy internet went from crappy to crappiest) finally had time to post this! Anyway, me and my family spent our Saturday up north with ICS/seminary friends. Subic!! Subic is definitely one of my favorite places here in the Philippines. I don’t know why but I really love going there, I just love the Subic vibe! Perfect for weekend getaways, road trip/long drive with friends whatsoever. Perfect chill place I must say, plus it’s just a 2-hour drive from home. Hindi masyado hassle kung gusto lang magpakalayo layo ng sandali!

Meeting time was 4 in the morning but because my father is not used to waking up that early, we left the house at around 8. By that time, the people we were with were already at the beach! Actually felt sad about it because they were already enjoying and yet we’re still on the road. I hate being in the family of consistent late comers! (lol) Reached the place after lunch! (spent like 20% of the day on the road. Panira ng excitement ang stopovers!! Late na nga nakuha pang mag stopover)
finally, beaaaach!!!!!

We played some card and logic games first before soaking up some sun. Ate Athena led the logic games, she’s a law student so she surely is a clever one. We also played this clap clap thing na di ko maexplain basta it was fun! Oh the tense you’re feeling when it’s already your turn.
It was my first time to try banana boat. All I can say is, it was hella fun! I had so so so so so much fun!! Fifteen minutes felt like an hour! I was just screaming and screaming the whole time (not scared though, I just felt like letting out the joy I’m feeling thru screaming) you know, it was like all the things that was in my mind went away for fifteen minutes. I’m not worrying nor thinking about anything (except holding on tight cause I might fall off) But seriously besides that.. nothing. Pure joy!
They dropped us by the end, at first I thought I was the only one who fell off the boat. I actually thought I was about to drown (really), but when I realized I was wearing a life vest and when saw everyone in the water, I/we just laughed it off. That was a reeeally good experience, def one of the things that can give me joy and thrill.

I love how my coverup make it seem like I have a flat stomach. Optical illusion? chos!

They see you rollin (literally) they hatin, patrollin and tryin to catch you ridin dirtyyy

Haggardo Versoza
Real bummer; We left the place at around 7 in the evening. I was sad! I mean, that was sad! We could’ve just spent the night there you know, swimming, bonding and stuff. I actually thought we’re going to kaya naman I brought extra clothes (just in case!) asang-asa na ako eh! You don’t know how heartbreaking it is to expect for something you know might not happen. We could’ve done so many fun things there, errr sige sige maybe next time! (I’m making sure there will be a next time, hindi pwedeng wala! :p)

That’s it! Sad to think that the day I’ve been waiting for so so long is finally over. Had a whole heap of fun though, it was worth the wait! Can’t wait to have more vacations with them (will surely watch out for it) Good bye, Subic! It was nice seeing you again! ’til next time!

January 2, 2013 by Maine Mendoza""

And now (present) April 10,2016 even though she is the most popular stars in this generation she doesn't forget spending time with his people . Watch these videos below!

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