MUST WATCH : Never Before Seen AlDub Kilig Behind The Scenes!

MUST WATCH : Never Before Seen AlDub Kilig Behind The Scenes!

Yaya Pak and the Rogelios are having a bath in a small pool. Meanwhile, Lola Nidora and Tinidora are drinking juice to combat the summer heat. Here comes Alden, and he is looking for Maine. According to Lola Nidora, Maine left earlier, she must be in broadway studio, as AlDub Nation are screaming. Alden has a surprise for Maine on their 40th weeksary. Alden calls Maine, she’s a bit busy today :(

Alden walks to the main stage to greet AlDub Nation a happy weeksary! Wow, Maine is in broadway studio, she brought buko for Alden!

Alden gives his gift for Maine, a yellow shirt with a letter ‘M’, which stands for ‘Maine-namahal’. It’s dubsmash time for Alden & Maine! Wow, A.M. stands for ‘aking mahal’ (my love). Lola Nidora is happy for both Alden & Maine, it has been a long journey, and they should always be together.

Lola Tinidora wants Alden & Maine to do a rehearsal of their kissing scene! As instructed by Tinidora, she want’s AlDub to really tell their true feelings!


Meanwhile here are the kilig never before seen behind the scenes of AlDub's 40th Weeksary ! Watch this:

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