MUST WATCH : Who is the possible person whom Alden Richards gets jealous of over Maine Mendoza?

MUST WATCH : Who is the possible person whom Alden Richards gets jealous of over Maine Mendoza?

1. Dr. Tan Ning
Former Azkals member Mark Mcmahon also known as Dr. Ta Ning appeared on Kalye Serye last August 20,2016 (Thursday ) exact weeksary of Alden and Divina. Dr. Tan Ning played as the Nurse of Lola Nidora, and we noticed that Alden Richards was Kinda Jealos to him whhen Divina hugged Dr. Tan Ning.

2. Elmo Magalona

Former Kapuso Actor /Singer Rapper and son of the former host and Dabarkads Sir Francis Magalona and now a Kapamilya Actor was one of the Main reason why Maine Mendoza attended the event of Candy fair last 2010 , we saw some of Maine Mendoza's Tweet way back 2010 that she regretted that day because Elmo was not there, but fate and destiny brought Alden and Maine together 5 years ago.

3. Kimpoy Feliciano

Social media's one of the popular and famous person is Kimpy Feliciano, he is known for his photogenic photos online and some words and advises of about love. He is also a popular Youtuber , and he is exchanging tweets with Maine Mendoza admitting that he has a crush on the Dubsmash Queen .

4. Daniel Padilla

The half of Kathniel , and a Kapamilya teen actor, Like Elmo magalona, he is one of the reason why Maine Mendoza attended the candy fair last 2010 , Maine is just like us , a normal girl who is having a crush on someone , ona popular celebrity way back 2010. Since Alden Richards is not yet an actor that time fate and destiny made a way for Alden and Maine to see each other for the first time.

5. Jake Ejercito

The son of the Current Manila Mayor Erap Estrada, and the Pambansang Classmate Jake Ejercito where Divina echange calls on Kalye Serye , and also participated in the Lenten Special of Eat Bulaga and played as Maine Mendoza's boyfriend who died in an Car Accident !

So whom do you think is Alden Richards gets jealous of? Comment Below and watch the video below!

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April 11, 2016 at 11:34 AM ×

They are someway have ressemblance on each other. Magkakamukha cla, and pagpinagsama-sama mo mga features nila si Alden kakalabasan.

April 11, 2016 at 4:28 PM ×

hahaha sangAyon aq sayo,nasa k ALDEN ng LAHAT,
kya Xa ang Winner!

Thanks for your comment

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