MUST WATCH : Why Divina got Quite Mad at Alden Richards?

MUST WATCH : Why Divina got Quite Mad at Alden Richards?

Lola Nidora and Tinidora are having their siesta via manicure and pedicure. Meanwhile, Maine is busy searching for something in their house. Her book about Romeo & Juliet is missing, where did she place it? She couldn’t lose the book, it’s an important book for Maine. Alden is here, but he’s busy talking to someone, he didn’t even recognize Maine calling him. Wow, Maine just walk-out of the scene :( She’s mad at Alden for not talking to her.

Alden is just preparing for his surprise this Saturday. Lola Nidora asks for patience with Maine, as she has a problem with her book. Alden asks for forgiveness to Maine, sorry :) But Maine is still mad at Alden, but she’s smiling for a bit now. It’s dubsmash time for Maine & Alden! Finally, Maine is no longer mad at Alden, they seal it with a kiss :) Maine is now excited with Alden’s surprise this Saturday.

Lola Nidora calls Rogelios to take her diary & bag. Rogelio tells Lola Nidora about the new Rogelio; is it Sinon Loresca,Oh, it’s another Rogelio, he looks so macho but his voice sounds like a girl :) Confirmed! She’s a girl :) In fairness, he wants to join the Miss Universe pageant…FREEZE!

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