Caught on Cam : Maine Mendoza's Never Before Seen Trumpets Dance!

Caught on Cam : Maine Mendoza's Never Before Seen Trumpets Dance!

June 12,2016, Yesterday at Kalye Serye Lola Nidora is thinking of a beautiful tune for Maine’s original composition. The Lolas ask Marvic to help Maine finish her song. Lola Nidora is so proud of Maine, she only taught that her talent is just dubsmash and making face. She didn’t know that Maine is good in writing, through her blog posts.

Here comes Alden, practicing his Trumpets move, with Maine cheering him on the side. She’s giving her some tips to put some variance on his Trumpets dance. Wow, Zak Noel has a message for Alden & Maine.

Lola Tinidora warns Alden that Jose Manalo is the best dancer among them!

Maine personally asks Bossing Vic to complete the tune Maine’s original composition/lyrics.

Lola’s kumare is here, it’s Ms. Gloria Sevilla, Nids! Wow, Nids is such a Lola Techie, complete with all her gadgets. She’s from Calle Siete, the new show of Ryzza Mae. She will also be the guest judge for Lola’s Playlist Weekly Finals!

Goodluck to Alden later for the Trumpets challenge! Lola Nidora asks if the message of the song is important in their film. When will the trailer of the film be available? FREEZE!

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