EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS : Alden Richards with Baby Matti!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO : Alden Richards with Baby Matti!

June 21,2016 , Tuesday . last night , Alden Richards is opt to something. We saw on the Snap chat account of Princess Jade that Alden Richards was singing and he is teaching his handler Mama Ten ten the trumpets dance.

What surprised the AlDub Nation was that Alden Richards is together with Nicolette's (Maien Mendoza's sister) baby , which is baby Matti .

Alden Richards is carrying Matti and teaching Matti the trumpets dance. Maine Mendoza also posted in her snapchat account Alden Richards carrying Matti.

Is Alden Richards practicing to be a dad? (just kidding) . Hi tito Alden Richards , Matti is really a good and kind baby towards Tita Ninang Maine and Tito Alden .

Watch the video below and comment your reactions below!

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