LIVE NOW: AlDub 47th Weeksary Live Facebook Video !

LIVE NOW: AlDub 47th Weeksary Live Facebook Video !

Jaune 9,2016 Happy 47th Weeksary to Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza ! Also to all of us AlDub Nation ! Few weeks to go before and we're heading to our one year as a fandom !

A while ago at Kalye Serye Lola Nidora revelead some never before seen  photos of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards at Italy. In one photo that Lola Revealed, Maine Mendoza made Alden Richards as her pillow while reading a book and Lola Tinidora revealed it was a Romeo and Juliet book.

On the  other photos, lola Nidoa shows solo photos of Maine in Italy.

Lola Nidora is reaching Maine Mendoza through her phone but it is out of coverage, maybe Maine and Alden is busy with their shoot for their upcoming solo Movie .

Alden and Maine is reveled on Quezon Ave for their shoot.

Watch the Live video below and comment your reactions!

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