MUST WATCH : AlDub 46th Weeksary Special!

MUST WATCH : AlDub 46th Weeksary Special!

The Lolas and Rogelios are strolling in the park. Maine is not with them, she must be in Broadway Studio! Maine & Alden will celebrate their weeksary in EB studio!

Here comes Maine and Alden, dancing and singing Puppy Love in their 60’s outfit. Alden also prepared their burger and fries food :) Alden also sings a song for Maine. Of course, Maine also has a song for Alden :) AlDub Nation is requesting for a kiss :)

Maine shares some photos in Italy, how sweet of Alden & Maine on their photos. Oh no, Lola Nidora doesn’t recognized both Maine and Alden. Or is she just joking :)

Nidora asks Maine & Alden, did you kissed each other in Italy? FREEZE!

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