NEWS NOW: This is how Maine Mendoza celebrated her first year in Showbizness!

NEWS NOW: This is how Maine Mendoza celebrated her first year in Showbizness!

Today (June 19, 2016), Maine Mendoza looks back on the launch of her career in Broadway Centrum exactly a year ago.

She recalled, "It was this time last year when I first set my foot on Broadway Centrum. June 19, 2015 was the day I auditioned for Eat Bulaga. I can still remember how nervous and timid I was as I stand in the middle of the stage, facing the camera. It's been a year but I still wonder how I was able to survive that audition unprepared."

Maine revealed how she came unrehearsed amongst the other talents who came primed to audition for a part in Eat Bulaga.

"People who tried out their luck along with me that day were all psyched-up and had everything prepared; and then there I was, as Ma'am Jenny would describe it, "Walang kalatuy-latoy". Those who have seen my audition video could tell that there was nothing striking in me when I stood up on that stage–aside from my big red lips that took people's attention–there was clearly nothing more.”

Maine added that she busted out her buoyancy as a chance to get a part. She said, “I mustered an ounce of confidence to act like a crazy woman when I was asked to, thinking that would be the only way to get a chance to pass the audition. I was able to do it but I knew I did it horribly.”

Maine also disclosed that she was a bit apprehensive but she held on to hope and wished that Eat Bulaga will call her back. She also imparted the lesson of trying your best to be able to reach your goals.

“I was discouraged and I already knew right there and then that I lost my chance. Still, I was holding onto this little possibility that they'd call me back, also thinking that even if they don't, I am glad and proud that I did not let this opportunity pass me by. I went home with a smile on my face, gave myself a pat on the back and told myself "At least you tried." Maine concluded .

Watch the video below and comment your reactions ! Let us all congratulate Maine for her first year in Showbizness! happy 1 year Maine!

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