SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Henyo Master Joey De Leon shares his Views about AlDub !

SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Henyo Master Joey De Leon shares his Views about AlDub !

June 17,2016 , This is another great day to celebrate the last day of the week . The happenings yesterday (Thursday) is still fresh to us AlDub Nation , as Maine Mendoza released her first ever songwriting and first ever song that he sang on Eat Bulaga Stage.

We also saw how supportive Alden Richards was and how he doesn't leave Maine Mendoza all the time . Yesterday was the released also of the Sneak Peak of the Phenomenal Love Team's first ever solo movie that will be released on July 13,2016.

On Eat Bulaga's Juan For All All For Juan , Henyo Master Joey De Leon , being a writer of Philippine Star every Sunday , he shared that  last Night he was writing and he noticed something on the Word Imagine. He said that there is a word that we can get in Imagine and that word is Enigma meaning "a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand" and that's how he compared Enigma to AlDub .

Until now people can't determine how successful AlDub.

Maine Mendoza added that she can't understand to what's with them on how people like them.

Later on, Henyo Master Joey De Leon also added that the letters in the words of Imagine You & Me counts exactly on the date of the showing of the Movie . 13 letters and the showing will be on July 13,2016.

How about you AlDub nation? What do you love about AlDub?

Watch the video below on how Henyo Master explained  and comment your reactions below!

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