SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Maine Mendoza Wedding Age Revealed !

SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Maine Mendoza Wedding Age Revealed !

Maine Mendoza is totally back live and loud at the Barangay !

At Juan For All All For Juan , the Dabarkads at the Panel broadway centrum , Tito Sen , Allan K, and Joey De Leon gave thanks to the fans clubs and sponsors of the pencils and schools supplies that will be used by the students this coming school year.

Meanwhile in the Barangay, Maine Mendoza, with Wally Bayola and Dabarkads Jose goes to the winner of the Sugod Bahay.

While Jose and Wally is talking/ interviewing the Winner of the Sugod Bahay, Dabarkads Joey asked Maine Mendoza if she will aged not having a husband. Maine Mendoza replied No and added that she will get Marrid by age 23 or 21?

Oh my gosh what's the meaning of this? Maine and Alden really got close in Italy !

Watch the Never before seen Behind the Scenes of a while ago's Sugod bahay and the proof that Maine Mendoza is wearing a ring.

Whom do you think it came from?

Watch the video below.Comment your reactions below!

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