SHOCKING REVELATIONS : Richard Faulkerson II took Nicomaine Dei Mendoza to a church!

SHOCKING REVELATIONS : Richard Faulkerson II took Nicomaine Dei Mendoza to a church!

Dear AlDUB Nation, I know this is almost a month late, but bear with me, heh.

Read this tweet from ALDUB NEWS DAILY (see screenshot)?

Rumor has it that Richard Faulkerson II took Nicomaine Dei Mendoza to a church, prayed with her, and then made a promise to her, which made her cry. All of this things happened last May 12.

What is May 12? May 12 used to be Feast of Our Lady of Power in Aubervilliers, France. The feast reveres the Blessed Virgin Mary for her intercessory role in the many miracles God made in Aubervilliers.

The page http://www.roman-cathol ic-saints.com/our-lady-of-power.html reports that "the first miracle occurred on May 14th, 1336, known locally at the Miracle of Rain.

It was during a time of terrible drought when a small girl entered the church of Saint Christopher with flowers to adorn the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. While praying that Our Lady would send rain to save the crops, the girl suddenly noticed that the statue became covered with what appeared to be drops of sweat and the sky turned dark as the weather turned to rain.

" So what are the connections? The "maine" in "Nicomaine" could translate to "powerful"—the feast is for Our Lady of Power. Richard II and Nicomaine Dei are pluviophiles —the first miracle is the Miracle of Rain. Also, in my first letter to Richard Faulkerson, I connected the name "Nicomaine Dei Mendoza" to the contest between Elijah, a prophet of God, and the prophets of the pagan god Baal on Mount Carmel, which Elijah won, winning the Israelites back to God.

Since Israel repented and believed in God again, God ended the drought of three years with rain—heavy rain. Cum Petro et Paolo ad Iesum per Mariam et Ioseph, The Ladder Pilgrim P.S. Shout-out to MGA OSONG KEBABS for wondering if the queen emoji is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

 It does make a lot of sense. Your guess made me wonder which of the following churches in Como, Italy, devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary is the church to which they went: 1. Annunciation of Blessed Mary Virgin at Viale Varese 23 2. Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary at Via Maestri Coamcini 3. Holy Mary at Via Quardio 11, Muggio 4. Immaculate of Blessed Mary Virgin at Via Bellinzona 268/A, Ponte

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