EXCLUSIVE VIDEO : Maine Mendoza Kulit Moments Backstage on #ALDUB1STAnniversary!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO : Maine Mendoza Kulit Moments Backstage on #ALDUB1STAnniversary!

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 304: Happy 1st Anniversary!
Official Hashtag: #ALDUB1stAnniversary
July 16, 2016

Maine is the source of joy for Lola Nidora, she was so cute during her younger years. She was loved by her Lola Nidora, Maine went to school courtesy of Lola.

One day, Nidora saw Dodong the gardener, so she hid Maine to his true father. To hide Maine’s true identity, she became Yaya of Lola Nidora. It’s time to reveal the true identity of Divina, she’s really Maine Mendoza.

Lola asks Richard and Maine to hold their hands, and ask if he will take care of her.

Alden: Divina, Yaya Dub or even Maine Mendoza, she’s the only one in my heart.

Nidora reminds not to play with their true feelings. Nidora will give a lovelock to AlDub Nation as a souvenir to Richard & Maine’s true love :)

Meanwhile below are the videos of Maine Mendoza backstage ! Watch the video and comment your reactions!

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