EXCLUSIVE VIDEO : Sexy Hot dance of Alden Richards while Looking at Maine Mendoza!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO : Sexy Hot dance of Alden Richards while Looking at Maine Mendoza!

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 308: Happy 53rd Weeksary!
Official Hashtag: #ALDUB53rdWeeksary
July 21, 2016

A while ago at Kalye Serye

Lola Tinidora is so mad at the Quandos and Rogelios, they were so close to rescue Nidora, but they failed in the end. Here comes Rogelia, she already brought the sketch of Nidora’s kidnappers. Rogelia handed the drawing to Tinidora; it was done by an NBI agent.

Meanwhile, Maine & Alden had a glimpse of hope, another lead with regards to Lola’s abduction. Alden has a surprise for Maine, it’s their weeksary today! It’s the IYAM setting with a Juliet statue, re-enacting their scene. Wow, it’s a sponsored McDonald’s chicken fillet Italiana.

Lola Tinidora and AlDub are not losing hope for Lola Nidora, they will rescue their Lola anytime. Alden & Maine even posted on their social media accounts regarding Nidora.

Meanwhile, Lola Nidora and the abductors are in the van, going to another hideout. Nidora requests to pee outside, athe kidnappers obliged her request. But she immediately run and tries to get away from the abductors.

Tinidora will give a reward to anyone who can give any information regarding lola Nidora. Oh, another fight scene as they recognized the 2 kidnappers in the baranggay. Tinidora interrogates the kidnappers…FREEZE!

Meanwhile before the Kalye Serye Maine and Alden hosted the Trumpets Challenge , watch how Alden Richards dances while looking at Maine Mendoza!

Watch the video and comment your reactions below!

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