SHOCKING NEWS : Maine Mendoza to Endorse one of the most well known Snacks Company!

SHOCKING NEWS : Maine Mendoza to Endorse one of the most well known Snacks Company!

July 5,2016 . No one can stop the AlDub Fever ! As our Bibi Girl Maine Mendoza conquers the television advertisements on her endorsements!

Just In ! Maine Mendoza has a 1 year contract with the well known Snack Company Oishi !

Let's get to know more about Oishi! According to Wikipedia:

"Liwayway Holdings Company Limited, doing business as Oishi, is a snack company based in the Philippines.Its headquarters are in Pasay City in Metro Manila.As of 2013 it is headed by Carlos Chan (C: 施恭旗, P: Shī Gōngqí.Russell Flannery of Forbes wrote that "Oishi’s spelling looks a lot like the Japanese word for delicious, oishii."

Oishi, started in 1946 as Liwayway,was originally a family-owned corn starch repacking business.The name "Liwayway" was chosen because it reflected the optimism of the Philippines after World War II. By 1966, in addition to distributing starch, the company also was distributing basic commodities, coffee, and confectioneries.

It was incorporated as the Liwayway Marketing Corporation (LMC) in 1966. Brothers Carlos and Manuel Chan, at the time, were behind the company.The parents of the Chan brothers had immigrated to the Philippines from Fujian Province, China. Carlos is the older brother. The company began distributing Oishi Prawn Crackers and Kirei Yummy Flakes in 1974. The company claims to have used Japanese technology to make the products."

Now we can see Maine everywhere !

Watch the video below and comment your reactions !

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July 5, 2016 at 10:56 AM ×

good for her. she was a good person that is why many blessings come her way..most salelable endorser and that is Maine and Alden..congrats..

Congrats bro Davina Villafuerte you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...
Thanks for your comment

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