BEHIND THE STORY: "Maine was actually looking at Alden Richards the whole time " - Insta_Mug

BEHIND THE STORY: "Maine was actually looking at Alden Richards the whole time " - Insta_Mug

September 6,2016 Last Saturday as Alden Richards said he promised Maine Mendoza that he will attend Baby Matti's 1st birthday celebration and he didn't failed Maine. He came to Matti's birthday carrying a huge stuff toy .

After the birthday celebration of Matti , Alden Richards headed to his work and he said that last Sunday the family of Maine went to church but he went to his work then after he went to Sunday Pinas Saya with Maine Mendoza then work again after and had a movie marathon with his family last evening.

There are a lot of bashers who kept on creating edited videos and a true AlDub Nation would not easily believe on that .

The Instagram user named @insta_mug revealed a video of what really happened:

Instagram Post from @insta_mug
I wasn't really planning to post the full video I have as I understand that it's a private party. I was there as a supplier. (But also yes,I can't deny that I'm a fan) sorry that I am sharing this now. Hope you understand.

I saw an edited video of Alden's arrival, they're making some big issues out of it. I felt bad for these people, bec of the harsh words the bashers are throwing at them. I am sharing the video I have to hopefully stop the bashing. I was there.. Ang ganda ng nangyari. Ang bait na bata ni Alden..Lahat kinaya. Maine was actually looking after Alden the whole time..Contrary to the issue they are making out of this.

This is just what I saw, as the one actually there: Maine is looking after Alden and at the same time, she doesn't wanna steal the spotlight..It's Matti's birthday after all.
Ate Coleen was the one who welcomed Alden, because she and Mike were seated sa mismong entrance. Maine was not YET aware that he's there na. Dinala ni Coleen si Alden kay Maine.. And Maine, brought sa him sa harap kina ate Nikki, kuya John and Matti. She stepped behind na, pero ate Nikki called her to join them. Everyone was warm and everything I saw was nice.

Alden was about to go na after the photo with lola. pero hindi sya nakalabas agad bec people wants to have a photo with him. As much as possible pinagbigyan lahat. Then, the host called him again sa stage. Kahit mukhang paalis na sya, he went back. Right after that, Maine escorted Alden palabas, holding his hand, tumakbo sila, para mabilis. I think she's concerned din sa work na kailangan nya puntahan. The whole family was very nice to Alden and mukhang they appreciate his effort to attend the party. Magiliw sila lahat kay Alden. At ganun din naman si Alden sa lahat ng nasa party. It is a very short but very pleasant visit of tito Alden para kay Matti and masasabi ko na for the whole family na rin. Sana naman tama na bashing. Lets all be happy for them. Ang babait na bata.. At ang bait ng buong pamilya. I can't believe how people can create bad stories out of this joyful event.

Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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