Different Speculations about Maine Mendoza's Intriguing Tweet!

Different Speculations about Maine Mendoza's Intriguing Tweet!

September 20,2016 Maine Mendoza twitted in her Personal Twitter account the following :

What Goes Around Comes Around
Because of her tweet there are many speculations that some Kapuso artists are not into good condition with Maine Mendoza . One of these are the Kapuso Stars Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas and Ms. Marian Rivera Dantes . According to Ms. Mean Discallar :

Mga taong plstik lahat cila na SPS leader c marian at ai ai 

But AlDub page confirmed that Ms. Ai Ai and Ms. Marian is not involved in Maine Mendoza's Tweet.

In addition with this according to Ms. Ghie Castillo :
Minsan ng ininterview c menggay tungkol jn sa pag pareha ni alden sa iba. Ang sagot ni meng ok lng dw susuportahan pa nya. Understanding c meng malawak ang isip nya pero bket c menggay ang tinitira nio. Bket d c alden ang tanungen nio kung gusto nya suportado nman cya ni menggay e. Walang problema ky menggay c tisoy ang tanungen nio kung bket cya may ayaw. Ngaun kpag cnagot nia tanung nio cguro nman mananahimik na kyo. O bka nman gusto nio kyo mkapareha ni tisoy? Taas ng lipad nio uyyyy.
Ms. Teresita Ross also added:

 Kc yung iba mhilig dn mangbash s ibang artista tpos kpag aldub ang bnbash galit n galit tayo,dapat m22 taung irespect yung ibang artist para ndi bnbash ang aldub.respetuhan lng kelangan para walang gulo.kawawa ang aldub dhil s kggwan ng ibang fans nddmay.igalang ntin ang ibang artista para walang gulo.syempre my kanya kanyang followers dn yan. 

The reason why Maine Mendoza twitted that? It's not yet clear , but one thing is for sure and clear . That her tweet is out of Showbiz .

Maybe in what is trending today , like political issues XD -(Just one of the Speculations also from a fan)

Watch the video  below and comment your reactions.


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Rene Alcasid
September 20, 2016 at 7:11 AM ×

here we go again, over thinkers, STOP, think about it! She also have personal life. Not everything she says and twitted are all regarding shobiz. Don't get this blown out of proportion.

September 20, 2016 at 8:57 PM ×

msy ALDUB yun mhlg bhl n ang mga nega

noel santos
September 20, 2016 at 11:47 PM ×

what goes around comes around...KARMA!!!eto na siguro sagot nya sa bashers nya..babalik din sa kanila mga masasamang pinagsasabi nila tungkol kay Maine..

Thanks for your comment

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