VIDEO COVERAGE : AlDub Singing Nothing's Gonna Stops us Now and Buko at Platinum Karaoke Event!

VIDEO COVERAGE : AlDub Singing Nothing's Gonna Stops us Now and Buko at Platinum Karaoke Event!

Happy 62nd Weeksary AlDub Nation ! Yes we are not Hopia! Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza never fail us on their special celebration every week! Now they are together in their endorsement event in Platinum Karaoke.

Lets know more about Platinum Karaoke.

About the Product :

Singing – and the karaoke – has always been a big part of the Filipino culture. As we always say, Filipino parties will not be complete without a karaoke system. But even without any celebration, Pinoys love singing leisurely. So, it is but fitting that there is a product that can provide this unique entertainment which Filipinos love anytime they’re in the mood for it.

Platinum Karaoke is one of the remarkable offers of Vismay International Corporation. The company started operating in 2000 focusing on the wholesale distribution of  TV gaming units, handheld consoles, and gaming accessories all over the Philippines. In June 2009, Vismay International Corporation established a sister company, Mighty iCore International Corporation.

In 2010, Mighty iCore International Corporation became the sole distributor of Platinum Karaoke products in the Philippines. With the mission to provide Filipinos with high-quality, innovative, and reasonably priced products, the company continued to develop entertainment systems, including Platinum Karaoke systems. Today, Platinum Karaoke offers the most advanced karaoke units in the country.

Today, all Platinum Karaoke systems are available in all leading music stores nationwide, giving Filipinos the opportunity to own a karaoke system and sing their hearts out anytime, anywhere.

Now the major endorser of Platinum Karaoke is Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza!

Now they perform Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now and Buko !

Watch the videos below and comment your reactions!

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