MUST WATCH : Kalye Serye Book 2 Kilig RECAP!

MUST WATCH : Kalye Serye Book 2 Kilig RECAP!

Lola Nidora is back! She’s here in the Philippines with the Rogelios! Unfortunately, they just had a flat tire, so Nidora asks the Rogelios to change the tires.

Nidora calls Rogelia, she’s preparing for the food with the other helpers in the mansion. It’s a big homecoming party for the Lolas! This event is event by Alden & Maine! The van is now fix, they are on their way to Broadway Centrum.

Meanwhile, Maine is the mansion, she’s so excited about the arrival of the Lolas. Here comes the van of the Lolas, it just entered the mansion. Finally, Maine greets Lola Nidora after 5 years!

Maine tells Lola Nidora that she and Alden is ready for their next level of relationship.

Lola Nidora is mad about her cake that she ordered online, it is needed for the “pamamanhikan”!

Maine & Nidora is now in the sala, waiting for the arrival of Alden & the 2 Lolas. Another van enters the mansion, it’s Lola Tinidora and Tidora! Welcome back Lola Tidora, wooooh! Lola Tidora is asking what is the important event for today?? They don’t know the grand plan of Maine & Alden.

While waiting for Alden, Maine will just change her outfit.

Here comes Alden with Lola Babah with her security guards. Of course, Alden has flowers for the 3 Lolas. Here comes Maine, wearing her favorite red dress. Lola Babah agree that Maine is beautiful, but her Lolas are not so pretty.

Alden asks Lola Nidora for her blessings to have Maine in her life. The Lolas are happy for AlDub! When will be the wedding??? FREEZE!

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