MUST WATCH : Outdoor Prenup HD Shots of Alden and Maine !

MUST WATCH : Isaw, Jeep and Tricycle Prenup HD Shots of Alden and Maine !

A while ago in Kalye Serye Maine is in broadway again! She calls the photographer to ask if the pre-nup photos are ready, they will just receive the photos via email. Here comes Alden with Father Jeff, the priest who serve on the wedding of Bossing Vic & Pauleen.

AlDub asks for Father Jeff’s advice in their wedding preparation. First, is the interview with Father Jeff, and wedding seminar. Next is wedding bands, to check if they are really single. Lastly, they need to confess for their sins.

Father Jeff asks AlDub if they are really ready to get married, Maine & Alden both said YES! Next, the priest gives his initial blessings to Alden & Maine.

Finally, Father Jeff’s advise is to always make God the center of your relationship.

Maine receives a text for their photographer, the prenup photos can now be downloaded.

Finally, Alden & Maine shares their prenup photos.

Maine receives a call, it’s about Alden…FREEZE!

Meanwhile here are the High Quality Prenup photos of Alden and Maine in outdoors photos credits to Manny and April photography.

Watch the video and comment your reactions below!

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