VIDEO COVERAGE : #MEGANationMoroccoWithAlDub Video Coverage!

VIDEO COVERAGE : #MEGANationMoroccoWithAlDub Video Coverage!

One Mega Group, Inc. (formerly known as Mega Magazines and Publications, Inc. and Mega Publishing Group, and stylized as One MEGA Group, Inc.), is a Filipino company focused on magazine publishing and television production, alongside other media publications. It is founded by Sari Yap, who is also the CEO of the company and the editor-in-chief of MEGA Magazine.

Tonight heldScreening of AlDub's Mega Nation Morocco with AlDub at SM Aura our Maine Mendoza wasn't able to make it in the event, while Alden Richards was there to represent AlDub .

Watch the 2 part video coverage of the event below and comment your reactions.

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