CAUGHT ON CAM : Super Kulit Maine Mendoza BTS in Bulagaan !

CAUGHT ON CAM : Super Kulit Maine Mendoza BTS in Bulagaan !

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is known to be the Dubsmash queen of the Philippines because of her funny and "Kulit" skits of Lip syncing different voice of an artist especially the voice of Ms. Kris Aquino.

After Eat Bulaga discovered the talent of Maine Mendoza she became the most well known YaYa in the whole world , which is YaYa DUB . The Yaya Dub that is loved by many becuase of her amazing personalities , that she didn't need to prove herself just to be loved by other instead she's just being herself enjoying things that she wants.

Maine Mendoza gets closee to the Eat Bulaga host and to Eat Bulaga staff , she is really kind because even those people behind the cam gets to be close to her.

Like the example below , a staff of Eat Bulaga whi has named by Maine Mendoza as John Loyd is hiding somewhere around Eat Bulaga centrum because Maine will gonna throw an icing to him !

Watch the kulit video of Maine Mendoza below and comment your reactions.

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