MUST SEE: Adventure with Alden Richards and Pia Guanio on E! Philippines!

MUST SEE: Adventure with Alden Richards and Pia Guanio on E! Philippines!

"StyleList, Inc." is a reality show on E! Philippines that tails StyleList Inc. founders and renowned stylists Rex Atienza and Jay Sarmiento into the glamorous, often stressful world of celebrity styling.

Rex and Jay are my friends, and it is because of this that I found myself in the middle of three cameramen, an audio man and a director, starring in an episode with Pia Guanio (who is another of my dearest friends) and no less than Alden Richards himself.

It all happened when Pia invited me to her birthday dinner last month. Rex and Jay were coming as well, and she mentioned that their crew would be filming.

Pia and Pia's husband Steve Mago were the stylists' clients as well as their friends, so I expected to just enjoy my food and drink in one corner as they went about their business.

Wrong! The minute Rex and Jay entered the house, the cameras were already rolling and I instantaneously had to go with the flow.

Admittedly, it took a good five to ten minutes for me to get used to the cameras and other people hovering around, but I now believe what celebrities often say: it's true that after some time, you forget that the cameras are there.

Perhaps it also helps that the cameras were as small as DSLRs. Back in the day when I was doing shows for E! Channel Asia and during my stint as a broadcast journalist for GMA News, the cameras were imposing, heavy and hard to miss.

Rex and Jay styled Pia and Steve while I chatted with them as I normally would. We were not told what to say or do; Pia’s daughter would even interrupt every now and then. It was not an issue. The conversation flowed easily and except for the director discreetly saying “cut” to his team, I felt the evening played out the same way it would have if the cameras hadn't been there.

Pia's Eat Bulaga co-star Alden Richards is also a client of StyleList, Inc. He was on his way home that night when Pia asked him to drop by. He obliged and joined the festivities.

I asked both Pia and Alden if they were used to the constant cameras, considering that they are being filmed for "Eat Bulaga" six days a week. To my surprise, both replied, "Not at all."
"Doing 'Bulaga' is very different," said Pia. "There’s a formula, we have scripts, we act out. This is not acting."

Alden added, "'Bulaga' is not us. This is us."

Because they want to keep things as organic as possible, Rex and Jay tape their episodes while they work, often asking permission from their clients if they could film them. They would also allow the cameras to film their sourcing trips, vacations and even domestic situations.

"Doing this show expands our reach and opens our doors to potential clients across Southeast Asia. This is a marketing tool for us," said Rex. Jay added that there's more to their jobs than the glamor of styling. "There’s the business side, managerial side, finance. [With this series] we want to show that as well," he said.

I was very skeptical about these types of shows before this experience, about how "real" they really are. We’ve all heard of reality stars crafting scenarios, creating conflict to beef up the plot. But this show, at least, is essentially unscripted programming that focuses on footage of real events or situations. The cameras film the lives they live; they don’t live their lives for the cameras.

Our episode on "StyleList, Inc." will be shown on November 14th.

Credits and source : GMA Network

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