MUST WATCH : Maine Mendoza on a date!

MUST WATCH : Maine Mendoza on a date!

November 10,2016 , Last night Maine Mendoza hang out with her Imagine You and Me Co-star Kakai Bautista and Telay Robles.

For Ms. Kakai Bautista its like 52 years since they have not get some time together .

Dabarkads Patricia also hurried up to catch up to Maine ,Telay and Kakai.

They gave themselves nicknames such as Winona Mae (For Kakai) , Telay Mae ( For Telay) Patricia ( For Patricia ) and Divina Mae (For Maine Mendoza).

Its fun and amazing to see that Maine Mendoza is being too friendly and still keeping in touch with her workmates off cam after work .

Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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