HEARD ON CAM : A fan called Alden Richards "Snober " !

HEARD ON CAM : A fan called Alden Richards "Snober " !

Alden Richards is totally a full package guy . He is an award winning singer with sold out albums and platinum awards, he is a award winning actor with major awards, he is an international host , a good son and sibling and a successful business entrepreneur.

A while ago at the Barangay when Alden Richards arrive, his car was hit on a gate , he didn't notice that something is blocking his driveway but don't worry Alden Richards is totally fine and okay.

When he is walking going to the spot of Juan For All all fro Juan of course he is in a bit of worried because his car was hit and he is fixing his headset and microphone so he can't wave properly to the fans, but he is doing his best to wave to the fans as you can see in the video below.

A fan just called him "isnabero" not knowing what Alden Richards is up to.

Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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