CONTROVERSIAL : Alden Richards fans apologizes due to the Hospital visitation issue!

CONTROVERSIAL : Alden Richards fans apologizes due to the Hospital visitation issue!

The visitation of some supporters of Alden Richards in the hospital was not allowed went viral in the social media. Different and mixed reactions flooded the social media about the fans trying to visit the Pambansang Bae but they are not allowed to visit him. Some Fans of the Pambansang Bae apologized for the action and reaction done by this supporters. This is their apology

"Please take note po na not all fans are like that we apologize as we are also against it, may mga di lang po marunong umintindi." 

It is a nice job from this fans that they apologize for the family of Alden and they understand it.The fans understanding on the condition of Pambansang Bae is vital for his fast recovery, rest, and recuperation.This is the post of @lorinarosalia a fan full of understanding about the issue.

" @ALDENophileCLUB Yet nt all A's fans r like those. Pls. understnd dat A need rest dats y he's in d hosp. Need pa bang i explain yn. Old na kyo."

It is true that the situation of the Pambansang Bae doesn't need an explanation that the Pambansang Bae needs rest because he is in the hospital.Visiting in a hospital has off limits, it is better that the fans understand and know their limitations regarding on their idol.Here is the post of @1717gbc

" @ALDENophileCLUB It's ok 2 care 4 A's health but der mst b limitation. We ol know A needed a good rest in d hospital. They r not helping him."

Other fans jokingly react that they don't understand the instruction because it is in the English word and better to translate in Filipino so that they will understand the instruction in the hospital.Finally a good suggestion and idea from @ruth0530

"@ALDENophileCLUB As a supporter, enough na that you pray and send get well soon messages.RESPECT." 
It is very true that as a supporter prayers, messages of concern is enough to express and show concern to Alden Richards and especially respect with his health condition that he needs rest to a fast recovery.

Credits and Source: Newsinfo

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