CONTROVERSIAL : One on one interview of Mr. Ricky Lo on AlDub for Destined To Be Yours !

CONTROVERSIAL : One on one interview of Mr. Ricky Lo on AlDub for Destined To Be Yours !

We all know that the writer Mr. Ricky Lo had a controversial issue with AlDub for his write ups are not true .

On a Press Conference of Destined To Be Yours last February 14,2016 Mr. Ricky Lo is one of the guest and he did not missed the opportunity to make a one on one interview with the Phenomenal Love Team.

Retracted from Philippine Star :

Because they have been keeping a punishing schedule involving daily shoots for Destined To Be Yours (DTBY), their first soap starrer set to premiere two Mondays from now (Feb. 27), taking over the timeslot to be vacated by Dingdong Dantes’ action-adventure Robin Hood, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards have been feeling under the weather these days. Between shoots in sometimes as far away as Quezon, they also have to show up on Eat, Bulaga! every now and then, limited to twice or thrice a week.

Directed by Irene Villamor, DTBY tells a love story quite different from the one in Imagine You & Me, the loveteam’s first solo starrer (after appearing with Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai de las Alas in My Bebe Love) that raked in millions at the tills. The all-star cast includes Boots Anson-Roa, Gardo Versoza, Tommy Abuel, Ronnie Henares, Ina Feleo, Sheena Halili, Dominic Roco, Juancho Trivino, RJ Padilla, Koreen Medina and Lotlot de Leon.

When Maine and Alden showed up for this interview before the presscon the other day, they had tarried a bit. Obviously, a few days rest would do them good. But still, they were game during the Q&A that kicked off on love and loving, the day being Valentine’s Day. It seemed that neither of them had any date that night.

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Define love?

Maine: Love is when you care about someone….when you give someone importance and you take good care not just him but also those who are important to him. Kapag pinahahalagahan mo ang isang tao, pag inaalagaan mo siya it means you love him. Ganoon din ang gawin mo sa mga taong mahal at mahalaga sa kanya.

Alden: Love is being selfless. Sabi nga ni Miss Yayo Aguila when she guested on Eat, Bulaga!, it’s putting others first before you. Sila muna bago ikaw.

How many times have you been in love…not necessarily romantic love, could be familial love or love for pets, you know?

Maine: Several times already, kasi mapagmahal akong tao.

Alden: I’m always in love, especially as far as my family is concerned. If you are referring to people who are important to you and you care about, then I’m always in love.

How do you know that you are in love, what are the signs?

Maine: As a line from our movie put it, kapag lagi mo siyang iniisip. Actually, there are no signs. Feeling ko if you are in love, you don’t ask questions. You will know it deep in your heart, alam mo sa sarili mo kung mahal mo ang isang tao.

Alden: You know you are in love when you give the person special attention and you feel good when you are around the person. Parang yung taong yon ang reason for your happiness.

Have you ever been broken hearted?

Maine: Oo naman! I think all of us have experienced being broken-hearted. It’s a part of life.

Alden: Yes po. As we grow older, binibigyan tayo ng patikim. Yes, I have been heart-broken.

Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Maine: Oh yes. Siguro po…to some extent.

Alden: Yes, in terms of wrong choices. I’ve made wrong choices in life. That causes…you know, may mga nasaktan akong tao. Those wrong choices resulted in negative repercussions in some relationship.

Are you in love now?

Maine: In general? Yes, I’m in love now! I’m in love with life!

Alden (Breaking into boyish smile): Yes po. I’m always in love.

Do you work better when you’re in love and are therefore inspired?

Maine: Yes, of course! Kasi being in love becomes your source of inspiration kahit papano yung mga bagay na nagpapaligaya sa akin.

Alden: Yes, love inspires. When you are in love, you are driven even if you are not feeling well. If you put love in everything that you do, it inspires you to do better and to excel in anything that you do. Put love in your work and it will give love back in return.

How has your work on Destined To Be Yours been so far?

Maine: So far, so good. Mayroon lang konting adjustments na dapat gawin.

Alden: Tiring but it’s worth it.

Can you describe your character and how you see yourself in her/him?
Maine: My character is Sinag Obispo. She’s a simple girl, a normal citizen. Masayahin at medyo kalog. That’s how I am similar to her. But she is somewhat bitter in love at dyan kami nagkakaiba.

Alden: My character is Benjamin Rosales, a struggling architect na hindi masyadong biniyayaan ng wealth. He lives with only his mom; he’s happy-go-lucky, chickboy na walang paki sa buhay. That’s how different I and Benjamin are. But he always tries to do anything that will make his mom happy at dyan kami magkapareho.

Aside from Eat, Bulaga!, you have worked together in a movie, so you must be close to and comfortable with each other.

Maine: Yes, we are.

Alden: Totoo ‘yan.

Do you confide in each other?

Maine: Yes, about personal problems.

Alden: We are together every day, we work together most of the time, so strengthening our relationship is part of our life.

What do you usually talk about?

Maine: My nephew. Cute na cute si Alden sa kanya.

Alden: Or we talk about our characters especially now that we are doing a soap.

In Imagine You & Me, you did a long kissing scene at the end. Are you going to kiss some more in Destined To Be Yours?

Maine: They told me that it took that scene seven takes.

Alden: Of course, there will be. Pero hindi pa kami dumarating doon.

Do you have to rehearse for a kissing scene?

Maine (Laughs): Does it have to be rehearsed? Bakit naman ire-rehearse?

Alden: Ilalapit lang po ng kaunti for blocking purposes and the actual kiss happens during the take.

Do you believe in destiny?

Maine: Yes.

Alden: Yes.

What if in the long run destiny will bring you together?

Maine: If it’s not destiny, it won’t happen.

Alden: Hindi naman sa pinangungunahan natin ang buhay, it’s the law of attraction. When deep in your heart you believe in something, universe will make that happen. Otherwise, it won’t happen. Wala tayong magagawa.

What type of men/women appeals to you?

Maine: Yung malakas ang sense of humor at gentleman. Those are the two biggest factors.

Alden: Somebody who knows how to carry herself, magaling makibagay because I’m a people person. At marunong makisama.

(To Maine): If you were Alden, liligawan mo ba si Maine?

Maine (Thinks a while): Uhm…ahhh…puede po!

(To Alden) If you were Maine, sasagutin mo ba si Alden?

Alden (Without hesitating): Of course, I would!

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