REVELATIONS: Daddy Bae Uncover something about Maine and Alden?

REVELATIONS: Daddy Bae Uncover something about Maine and Alden?

Daddy Bae is always supportive to his celebrity son Alden Richards. Through his Twitter accounts, AlDub Nation is following him because they can get some hint for the updated activities of the Pambansang bae. On his latest post on his twitter account about the emoji 1+1= 2 which makes the AlDub Nation puzzled. Another fan is asking if this post means that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are together in one event. But other fan replied to him by posting that they have the knowledge that the couple is together. But some are confused about the meaning of his post on his Twitter account. They were puzzled if what is the meaning of his post because from AlDub Nation it may have much meaning about his post.

Here is the post of Lorelei M. Pineda that she doesn't understand the meaning of the emoji posted by Daddy Bae. This is her post with hashtag #DTBYFullTrailerOnVDay

 " @R_FAULKERSoN Naku naku delikado ibig sabihin nyan Daddy Bae marami kahulugan yan!"

Mostly AlDub Nation didn't understand the meaning of his post that responding to Daddy Bae jokingly messaging him that he is using emoji in counting numbers.But others have their own ideas that his tweets mean 1 plus 1 equals Two-gether.

Maybe this is the meaning of Daddy bae's post on his Twitter account. Others have a naughty creative mind that the peace sign of the emoji means that Alden Richards have some unexpected companion but not the phenomenal star so Daddy Bae uses a peace sign emoji. And for the others, it is another puzzle of Daddy Bae for the AlDub Nation. And only Daddy Bae can answer the meaning of the emoji's he posted on his twitter account. Daddy makes puzzle just for fun of the AlDub nation to complete their day and for the relief of their stress. Have a good day Daddy Bae. Just remember 1 plus 1 equals two-gether?

Credits and source : News Info
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