INSIDE SCOOP : Benjie and Sinag's love story starting to develop !

INSIDE SCOOP : Benjie and Sinag's love story starting to develop !

The GMA primetime-serye Destined To Be Yours stars Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. The pair play Sinag Obispo (Maine Mendoza) and Benjie Rosales (Alden Richards). Tonight’s hashtag is #DTBYPanliligaw.

Destined To Be Yours March 7

Sinag (Maine Mendoza) and Benjie (Alden Richards) continue their spending time together from the previous episode and engage in some playful banter with each other. Benjie talks to Sinag about how development and more people can help Pelangi but Sinag seems doubtful of what he’s saying.

Benjies mom, Amanda (LotLot de Leon) calls him to check up on him after she cried when she remembered Benjie’s father, who died in  a bus accident.

Benjie Asks Sinag If He Could Court Her

Benjie pops the “Pwede ba manligaw?” question to Sinag while they were out together but the ever so bitter and still heartbroken Sinag immediately rejects Benjie’s proposal.

“Pwede ba Benjie mahimasmasan ka sa mga sinasabi mo?” Sinag reacts. Ofcourse, Benjie still insists and says “Kilalang kilala ka na ng puso ko.” The pair banter back and forth with Sinag trying to change the subject by saying “Ligawan mo ‘yung mga tadpole!”

Sinag meets Ninay (Sheena Halili) and she immediately asks Sinag about her ‘date’ with Benjie, excited to hear what happened between the two. Sinag tells her about Benjie and his ‘panliligaw’. Ninay feels happy and ‘kilig’ for Sinag while Sinag’s childhood bestfriend, Badong (Juancho Trivino), reacts violently (well, he is secretly in love with Sinag)

Ligaw Probinsya

After Sinag’s fierce rejection, Benjie goes to his bestfriend, Jason (Dominico Roco) and tells him what just happened and asks what he should do. Jason suggests trying out “Ligaw Probinsya” to get Sinag to see he’s serious about her.

Benjie goes to Sinag’s house and does his courting the old fashioned way. He chops wood, sweeps the floor, and gets water. Basically anything Sinag’s father, Teddy (Gardo Versoza) can ask him to do.

Benjie Falls While Cleaning The Roof

Teddy asks Benjie to clean the roof and he agrees despite all of Sinag’s protests saying that its dangerous. Benjie falls from the place he was cleaning and lands on the grass. Sinag holds him while panicking and worrying why he isnt moving. After more of Sinag’s hysterical panicking, Benjie opens his eyes and says “Sabihin mo muna na mahal mo ako?”

This sets Sinag into another one of her fits and all her worry is wiped of her face. She starts acting cold again towards Benjie and pushes him to just clean already. “Walisin mo ang buong Pelangi!” Sinag shouts at Benjie.

Benjie and Jason meet Badong and Arman (RJ Padilla), who are two of Sinag’s childhood friends. Benjie takes this opportunity to ask about Sinag and why she asks that way. Arman reveals Sinag’s past relationship with Eboy (Mark Herras) which didn’t go well, revealing why she acts the way she does.

Sinag’s Ex, Eboy, Returns to Pelangi

Ninay talks to Sinag about accepting Benjie and reasoning that he’s not like Eboy. Sinag even refuses to hear Eboy’s name. Right at that moment, they see Eboy and hide in the bushes.

The two confide to their other childhood friends, Arman and Badong, about who they just saw. Sinag keeps repeating that she’s okay and that she already moved on, but still having a troubled look on her face.

Badong tries to get Sinag to open up but gets the response “tigilan niyo na ako, okay na ako!” and walks out. Meanwhile Benjie finds out that Eboy left Sinag hanging, which is why she’s so hurt. Benjie also finds out about Eboy’s return to Pelangi. Even Sinag’s parents are worried for her after hearing that Eboy is back in Pelangi.

At the end of the episode, Sinag tells her worried parents that there’s really nothing to worry about and that she really has moved on.

Destined To Be Yours is a Kapuso romantic-comedy teleserye produced by GMA Entertainment TV and created by Aloy Adlawan. Irene Villamor is the director of the series while it is written by Des Garbes-Severino, Renato Custodio Jr, Kutz Enriquez and Evie Macapugay.

Destined To Be Yours airs Mondays to Fridays on GMA at 8:30 PM right after Encantadia.

Watch the interview of Benjie and Sinag below and comment your reactions.

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