MUST WATCH : Destined To Be Yours Replay March 9,2017!

MUST WATCH : Destined To Be Yours Replay March 9,2017!

Last episode, (Read the March 8 DTBY Recap Episode here) Sinag (Maine Mendoza) comes face to face with her ex-boyfriend, Eboy (Mark Herras) and to make matters worse, he was with his new girlfriend. Luckily, Benjie (Alden Richards) comes to her rescue and becomes her instant boyfriend, but just for show. Meanwhile, Marjorie (Koreen Medina) cannot accept the fact that Benjie is courting Sinag. Tonight’s hashtag is #DTBYIndakan.

Destined To Be Yours March 9 Episode:

Ninay (Sheena Halili) tells Sinag that Sinag and Benjie need to play the boyfriend-girlfriend game a little longer just until Eboy leaves. Sinag tells her family the plan of their fake relationship so that she doesn’t look pitiful in front of Eboy.

Benjie gets the talk from Sinag’s father, Teddy (Gardo Versoza). Teddy asks what Benjie’s intentions are and Benjie brings up the issue of the Obispo’s land again. Jason (Dominic Roco) advises Benjie to be careful or else his true intentions will be exposed.

Sinag or Marjorie?

The mayor announces an ‘indakan’ or ‘sayawan’ to be held on Saturday. Ninay gives Sinag the idea to invite Benjie to the dance on Saturday to make Eboy jealous. She likes the idea and goes to find Benjie. There, she meets Marjorie who has the same intentions as her- to ask Benjie to the indakan. To Marjorie’s disappointment, she gets rejected and Benjie chooses Sinag.

“Girlfriend ko na si Sinag, Marjorie” Benjie informs Marjorie.

“Like really, really?” Marjorie asked, in shock.

“Like really, really.” Sinag replied triumphantly. Marjorie stomps off in defeat.

Eboy And Sinag Meet Again

Sinag questions Benjie about some general information to get to know him more so that their relationship doesn’t look fake. Just then as Sinag was about to leave, she meets Eboy. Eboy and his girlfriend eat with Benjie and Sinag, with Eboy being sweet and feeding his girlfriend. Sinag and Benjie do the same, but it doesn’t come out smoothly as like a normal couple.

Eboy asks the two if they’ll go to the dance on Saturday, Sinag gives a big yes.

Meanwhile, Benjie tells Jason that they may not have to wait long for the land afterall and that he’s making progress with Sinag. On Sinag’s side, she faces the painting of Benjie and talks to it, Sally hears and suggests that maybe she’s falling for Benjie. “Mahulog muna and buwan at bituin bago ako mahulog sa taong ‘yan” Sinag replied.

Sungs And Yabs At The Indakan

Everyon is present in the ‘indakan’ or dance, Sinag arrives with her family but stays with Benjie. They’re spotted by Eboy and his girlfriend, Clarissa. Sinag remembers her and Eboy’s last dance together. Marjorie arrives wearing a fluffy coat, instantly criticized by Sinag. This makes Marjorie angry, so she plans on finding things out through Jason.

Sinag spots Eboy and Clarissa in an embraced slow dance. She and Benjie do the same but Sinag can’t help but look at Eboy. Benjie notices and gestures to Sinag to only look at him. The episodes ends with Sinag and Benjie dancing forehead to forehead.

In the next episode, Jason reveals to Marjorie that Benjie and Sinag are just pretending to show Eboy that Sinag has moved on.

Twitter Reacts #DTBYIndakan

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