BREAKING NEWS: AlDub to host International AsianTV Awards awards night?

BREAKING NEWS: AAlDub to host International AsianTV Awards awards night?

Asian TV Awards was launched in 1996, Asian Television Awards is the Asian TV industry’s most significant and celebrated event, recognising excellence in programming, production and performance.

Determined by an expert panel of over 60 judges from across the region, the results are tabulated and audited by international auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, with the winners only announced during the Awards Ceremony.

The Awards comprise over 40 categories and represent the industry’s foremost recognition by enjoying the support of every major industry player throughout the region. The Asian Television Awards attracts a multitude of entries of over 1300 annually from a wide range of broadcasters, including free-to-air television stations and pay-TV platforms, as well as many independent production houses in Asia.

In 2016, ATA has also expanded its footprint with the live and delayed telecasts, with an increase of 8 channels as compared to 2015, bringing the number of broadcast platforms to a remarkable number of 21 channels, reaching more than half a billion viewers across Asia and beyond. Our collaboration with more broadcasters across Asia, signal our desire for this highly anticipated annual event to reach the widest audience possible, so that regional viewers may celebrate their home-grown talent as they receive Asia’s television industry’s highest honour.

Seeking to bring our social media presence and second screen experience of ATA to the next level, we had exclusively partnered Twitter to bring the live event to millions of fans across the region in 2016. Not only had this strategic partnership provided a more immersive engagement for our audience on the social media front, but also allowed for greater levels of interaction between fans and their favourite celebrities.

While there are notable equivalents in the U.S. and in Europe, ATA is the only event of its kind in Asia, making it the definitive platform to showcase and recognize quality television productions within Asia.

Last April 7,2017 Asian TV Awards Facebook page posted that they wanted AlDub to host their show !

According to the post:

Our love affair with ALDUB began with we first supported Maine Mendoza in her KCA campaign in 2015. Remember? She won that by a mile!
After being a part of ALDUB Nation, we even managed to get Alden Richards to our awards in 2016.
Just for you, we have already started negotiations on bringing ALDUB to this year's awards.
We are now in the finals of the 2017 The Webby Awards. This is our greatest challenge & we are really hoping for the ❤️ of ALDUB Nation to bring us across the finish line. There's no way, we can do it without you. If you love what we have done for you, and trust that we will do our very best to bring both Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza to the 2017 Asian Television Awards, do give us your vote below. And we'll do our part! Deal?
Call it blind faith, but we believe the fans of ALDUB Nation will answer our call & bring us home. Let's do this together!
In ALDUB we trust!

Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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