BREAKING NEWS: Behind Destined To Be Yours !

BREAKING NEWS: Behind Destined To Be Yours !

The first ever Primetime show of the Phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza ended last May 26,2017.

The ending of the show was talked about because of the great acting skills of the the lead actor Alden and his leading girl Maine Mendoza.

The cast build up true friendship off cam like Maine Mendoza and Sheena Halili. Some cast are very thankful that they worked with the phenomenal love team.

The show has been successful and gained an average TV series ratings for the past 4 months it was aired. Fans wants a season 2 for the show.

Below are some of the high quality photos of the casts and crew of Destined To be Yours. Watch th video below and comment your reactions.

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