BREAKING NEWS: Maine Mendoza's new online trend!

BREAKING NEWS: Maine Mendoza's new online trend!

There are things in this world that eventually only Maine Mendoza can do. Maine prove that anyone can have their own dance moves even you are pro in dancing or not.

In the latest TV commercial of the dubsmash queen featuring her hit prime time show Destined To Be Yours. We can watch Maine as Sinag a.k.a DJ Sunshine which is dancing in the middle of her work as a DJ. We can see how she dance on a different level , her moves are just so superb and level up that you can't believe that she has a period . Watch how she confidently dance and move on her radio booth.:

And because Maine has many dance moves , Maine Mendoza showed her skills in dancing again . She showed she is not only a Dubsmash Queen but also a Queen of PADtaSTICK moves. Watch the entertaining video below.

Maine is not the typical type of showbiz personality. If others are awkward or does not want to do wacky poses in front of the camera , Maine does not care at all . What is important to Maine is that she makes people happy while delivering her message in the said commercial . Aside from this her being clingy and funny is what the people like about her . It is obvious that she has not change at all even she is very popular and famous now . That's why every time she has new online trend , people are always burning to support her.


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