BREAKING NEWS: Maine Mendoza's sister answer back her bashers!

BREAKING NEWS: Maine Mendoza's sister answer back her bashers!

Maine Mendoza has a lot of supporters and fans but because of her fame and popularity there are also a lot of bashers that will not stop just to put her name down because of their insecurities.

Sometimes even the family members of Maine Mendoza are being target by these internet trolls.
In the past few days , the older sister of Maine Mendoza which is Nicolette Ann Mendoza-Catalan  can't help herself but answer one of the netizen who has a negative comment on her baby which is Baby Matti.
On the Instagram post of Sister Dub , she showed the comment of the basher who is questioning the presence of Matti in one of the event organized by fans for Maine Mendoza.
Sister Dub directly answered the comment of the basher and defended her son Matti.
According to her post “Pardon for posting, I don't usually post nega vibes but this just got me. Bash all the way, but don't drag my son into this. He's just one-year-old and had been the source of happiness so I just can't let this pass. Should've not replied this but since this involves my son I have to answer.” 
Sister Dub also explained why baby Matti is on Maine Mendoza's event.
“Matti is part of the family, I believe our family was invited and the organizers even requested to bring our son. If you're annoyed then don't follow.”
She also added, “I'm just curious, people are asking my son for pictures and they're annoyed? By a one-year-old kid, really? It's just so off that you call my son unethical because he's not behaving well? How do you expect a one-year-old kid to behave then?”

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