BREAKING NEWS: "My lunch break is my Haters and Bashers" - Maine Mendoza

BREAKING NEWS: "My lunch break is my Haters and Bashers" - Maine Mendoza

The Destined to be Yours star Maine Mendoza admits that she get use to bashers and haters. Well in fact sometimes she visits the account of her haters and bashers so that she could now what are they talking about her. 

“Personally, I’m used to negative stuff because I’m a pessimist. I used to be like that.

“Sometimes I take the time to visit their accounts to see the nasty things they say about me,”according to the Dubsmash Queen on the write up of Rachelle Siazon on PEP.ph that was released last May 16, Tuesday.

“You know what , sometimes they are my lunch: the bashers and the haters,” She seems to be having fun while telling this to Cosmopolitan Magazine as her  cover story on their May issue.

According to the "Eat Bulaga" princess , her being on the prime time soap "Destined To Be Yours," with her leading man Alden Richards , is her greatest and biggest challenge on her showbiz career.

Maine Mendoza was first knwon as "Yaya Dub" on the longest running noon time show in the Philippines Eat Bulaga last 2015 in the segment Kalyserye. According to her:

“Dito sinubok lahat sa akin, eh," aniya. "Una pa lang, gigising ka ng alas-kwatro ng umaga. That was a big adjustment for me because I’m a night person."

For Maine , "ultimate baptism of fire as an actress” her role in the primetime series help her to improve more on her acting skills.

Know more about Maine's interview on Cosmopolitan Magazine on their latest May 2017 issue.


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