BREAKING NEWS: Vice Ganda admits watching GMA7 Teleserye on Its Showtime.

BREAKING NEWS: Vice Ganda admits watching GMA7 Teleserye on Its Showtime.

The very popular comedian Vice Ganda and a host of the rival show of Eat Bualaga which is Its Showtime admits watching GMA 7 Teleserye every evening. This happened when his co - host Vhong Navarro asked him that he is watching other show.

When Vice and Vhong were teasing each other regarding the most popular Korean Drama whixh is Goblin , Vice Ganda said that he stop watching in other network because the one show he's watching was ended. What do you think was Vice Ganda referring to?

Fans think that Vice Ganda is referring to the Phenomenal loveteam AlDub show whichi is Destined To Be Yours since for the past show of Its Showtime the host also stated he is watching the show and recently in Guillermo Tolentino awards night Vice and Alden took a photo together.

What can you say about this? Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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May 31, 2017 at 12:55 AM ×

I am an AlDub fan po ha. Pero hndi nman po meant ni Vice na sa ibang network siya nanonood. Yung sinasabi niyang natapos na eh yung Kdrama din sa ABS na tapos na which is yung Love in the Moonlight po. Just to clarify lng po kase crush na crush niya yung bida dun. Anyways, I will be and always be an AlDub fan. Menggay my loves kaya. Hahaha spread love po.

Congrats bro Unknown you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...
Thanks for your comment

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