BREAKING NEWS: Why Maine Mendoza's fans is the Philippines' best fans club ever created?

BREAKING NEWS: Why Maine Mendoza's fans is the Philippines' best fans club ever created?

Let's all begin where it all started. Maine Mendoza is a simple girl who is taking a video of herself , making fun of herself , making a lip synchronization and as the time goes by there is a mobile application called as Dubsmash and the fame of Maine Mendoza started there. Maine uploaded a video of her particularly dubsmashing the voice of the Queen of Horror films and multimedia queen Kris Aquino . Many people were amazed by the talent of Maine Mendoza that's why she became the Philippines Dubsmash Queen. The most well known dubsmash people around social media were asked to auditioned for Eat Bulaga and Maine was the lucky one selected and she is known as Yaya Dub. By then her popularity boosts even more especially when she was caught on cam staring at the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and there you go a history was created.

Maine Mendoza is loved by fans because of her true personality . She can make different make faces of herself but still she is beautiful even if she's making herself ugly in the camera. Tito Sotto set a nickname for her as "Ang Babaeng Malikot ang Mukha" . As time goes by many fans club were created to support the Dubsmash Queen.

Last 2016 on the birthday celebration of Maine Mendoza it created a huge blast all over the Philippines and Maine Mendoza receive so many gifts from her fans.

This 2017, different fans club also organized a birthday celebration for her. It is May 2017 now and still fans are still celebrating Maine Mendoza's birthday .

This 2017 there are 4 Major birthday celebration for Maine. First is by Eat Bulaga. Second is by the fans and third and fourth is by the fans also.

Below are the expensive yet thoughtful birthday celebration of Maine Mendoza by fans. We can say that yes, Maine Mendoza has the best fans in the Philippines.

The theme of the first birthday celebration of Maine is simple and the event was called #Maine22UnityEvent the second one is called #MaineSparklingDnD and the third one is #Maineat 22.

Watch the 3 coverage below and comment your reactions.

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