UNSEEN FOOTAGE : Maine Mendoza for the first time cries in public !

UNSEEN FOOTAGE : Maine Mendoza for the first time cries in public !

It is May 2017 but still the fans of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is not yet done celebrating Main's birthday. The fans of Maine which is the Maineans , Maine Lovers and many more so called as one as Solid Maine United prepared a coldplay themed birthday party last May 9,2017. On tthe preparation of the fans we can say that the fans are truly in love and attached with Maine Mendoza as that all support the phenomenal star from the beginning of her career until now. The fans are so happy seeing there idol overwhelmed with their surprise.The dubsamash queen has celebrated many birthday celebration since her birthday last March 3. There are different organizations and fans club that come as one to prepare so much for Maine. The fans do not hesitate to spend much of their time, money and effort to surprise Maine Mendoza.

On the speech of Maine last night , she is very overwhelmed as she is very thankful for the fans because they are not leaving Maine Mendoza behind . For the first time Maine Mendoza showed how happy she is through her tears . She cried on the fans and the fans feel how thankful she is.

Maine Mendoza also added that these are the same faces , she still remember all the faces who supported her from the beginning and she said that whatever friendship that is founded on the fans club idolizing Maine, should be treasured. They should keep their friendship for a thousand years as the background music is playing a thousand years that that's why Maine Mendoza can't help but cry

Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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