BREAKING NEWS: Maine Mendoza's Blog Update June 11,2017!

BREAKING NEWS: Maine Mendoza's Blog Update June 11,2017!

We retracted the blog of Maine Mendoza below is the full text of Maine Mendoza's blog. All texts are from Maine Mendoza's blog http://www.mainemendoza.com

Hi guys! I am back! After taking a breather at Maldives for 5 days (actually 4 lang, bitin na bitin!), now I am back to reality once again. Decided to take a break from Twitter too because Twitterworld’s been really toxic lately. How’s it now, by the way? Do you still remember when everything used to be fun there? When Twitter used to be a harmonious environment for everyone? Haha I know, me neither. Anyway, I just cannot stand people’s negativity there lately. I mean, I have enough negativity in my system already to still add and endure those.


a chapter about friends that I wrote last night for the book.

the last chapter in my book! Yikes I am almost done, but you all know it doesn’t end there. There’s still a lot of reading, editing, and scrutinizing to do. I actually think I might need to rewrite almost half of the content. Hay, I wish it’s as easy as writing a blog entry. Yung pwede mo iedit kapag may mali.

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

Lol yesterday on our flight back to Manila, I was browsing for a movie to watch in the plane and found a romantic-comedy film that I really like– He’s just not that into you. I didn’t watch the whole movie though, I skipped to my favorite part and got kilig from this Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin scene over and over again. Kingina I think I replayed it thrice and still got the same reaction every single time. I was literally shrieking on my seat! I even hit my sister (who was seated next to me) several times because I couldn’t contain my kilig feelz! As in, I was even watching it during dinner (with Jecker and Kuya Mike) and inside the car on my way home. Ewan ko ba!

I mean, that look of Justin on 2:15. Ikinagwapo niya talaga yun eh. But really, the song makes this scene 200% more kakilig-kilig than it would’ve been. One of my faves, Keane’s Somewhere only we know

Trivia: Kabisado ko yung linyahan sa scene na yan eh!

if I should blog about my Maldives trip OR work on my last chapter. So torn! On my free time, I am always torn between working on my book or doing something for my blog; revamp the layout, edit videos, write something. (Ang dami ko ng utang!) Meanwhile, pagpasensyahan niyo na muna itong blog ko. We are now looking for a dedicated server/host since my site requires higher bandwidth and much stronger bot blocker. Hassle but I hope to get everything fixed soon!

Freshly cooked waffles! I am having ham with cream cheese, so so good. So happy I can now eat everything I want after a week of deprivation! Nyahaha! Butete tyan is back y’all.

to be back in Maldives soon! Ugh the place is just so beautiful and relaxing,

to finish my tasks for the day. The whole family went out together and I decided to stay here at home so I could work on my assignments. Pero mukhang hindi ko din matatapos magagawa because My Amnesia Girl’s on Cinema One! (One of my favorite tagalog films, next to the old school ones that I really like; Juday-Wowie, Angelu-Bobby, Kim-Dino and suchlike!

last night’s sleep wear pa. I just love how I feel like my old teenage self on Sundays. Those days when you can literally spend the whole day in bed, without worrying about anything. I like keeping my Sundays work-free. (because it’s supposed to be that way) #gottaloveSundays

the fact that I can now eat normally! I am having a tall glass of chocolate milk tea and a ham&cream cheese waffle now. I remember holding myself back from eating donuts and pizza that my sister was devouring last Sunday afternoon. Now I can eat whatever I want, booyah.

to get a whole body massage. As in, right now.

more time at the beach! Shet, I wish I had another week to spend in Maldives. Babalik ulit talaga ako, promise! (Ipon muna.)

happy and grateful. 🙂

I hope you are all having a peaceful Sunday! Question: Is there any specific topics you want in my book? Let me know and I’ll try if I could squeeze them in! 🙂 Have a great week ahead everybody! Stay positive and throw lamps on those people who need to lighten up! Life gets better when you don’t worry about much things. Stay on your own lanes. 😉

Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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elvie padua
June 11, 2017 at 10:23 AM ×

This is in response to Maine's question for specific topic for her book. Just for fun, but fans would love to know how one Richard Faulkerson (Alden) courted a Maine Mendoza?

Congrats bro elvie padua you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...
Thanks for your comment

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