BREAKING NEWS: Maine Mendoza's Obvious Bruises after her Performance in Eat Bulaga's 38th Anniversary!

BREAKING NEWS: Maine Mendoza's Obvious Bruises after her Performance in Eat Bulaga's 38th Anniversary!

In celebration of the longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga  the Dabarkads will compete each other to win and the prize will be given to their chosen charity.

The Phenomenal star and Dubsmash queen Maine Mendoza and Dabarkads Ryan Agoncillo was crowned as Dabarkads Goals 2017. Maine Mendoza performed solo because Ryan Agoncillo was not in good condition. She made t and won the final round.

On her Facebook post she said :

Ok, let me just begin by saying that I am the kind of person who is very pessimistic and nonchalant when it comes to things– like competitions! I never really bothered exerting much effort, for I am used to giving and doing just "enough". Yung saktuhan lang. For everyone's information, today is Eat Bulaga's 38th anniversary celebration, as well as #DabarkadsGoals grand finals.

And yes, our team #TeamRamen was fortunate to be one of the finalists! So ito na.. this morning, I was shedding tears like a kid out of frustration. When Kuya Ryan texted that he couldn't get out of bed because of his back, I was daunted by the possibility that I might do this whole thing on my own. I was up for it; I was more than willing to do it for our team.

At the same time, I was scared that I might not be able to do well without Kuya Ry. We didn't have much time to rehearse, for we were given only an hour today to go over everything on the set. During rehearsals at around 7am, we were not able to perform ANYTHING correctly. Fail lahat; from the dance steps, cueing, blocking, to the execution of stunts.

 It seemed everyone was so lost. And even I, started feeling apprehensive too. That was our last rehearsals before the actual performance but we still failed to execute everything properly. My pessimist side got the best of me, and the only words that came off my mouth at that moment were "Hindi ko to magagawa".

 I couldn't stop my tears from falling, stressed ako sobra! I feel like I am not equipped to do the stunts. Ate Pat (our prod manager) told me that it was fine to make changes if I cannot do it (for safety purposes na din), but then optimism kicked in so I told her "Hindi, kaya ko."

I was feeling anxious the whole morning, that I even locked myself inside the restroom to pull myself together. I was praying for the safety of everyone and for a successful performance. I looked in the mirror and told myself I can do it. I had to remove all the negativity inside my system.

 It was already our turn to perform.. I went out the stage wearing my warrior mask– that cannot be seen by anyone but me– then I repeatedly said this inside my head "This is it, Meng! Kaya mo yan!" Thank God, we had a successful performance.

Yung tuwa ko sa bawat salo sa akin! Thank heavens no one got hurt and everything went smoothly. I am just soooo happy because I can proudly say that I put my heart into this, as in buong puso, sa unang pagkakataon yata? Our team did our very best not to win, but to give everyone a great show. Malaking bagay sa akin ito because I rarely put my whole self in the things I do.

Like I have said, laging "sakto lang" but this #DabarkadsGoals competition is an exception. Di ko inexpect! This is one of the few moments I feel proud and satisfied for doing something "great". Thank you for this memorable experience, dabarkads! I wish Kuya Ry was with us today, but nonetheless, nasa puso ka namin kanina Kuya Ry! We did it, we won! Thank you very much and congratulations to us, Team Ramen! Happy anniversary, Eat Bulaga! ALARMAAAA! 👺

After the performance of Maine Mendoza there were some noticeably bruises on her arms. Get well bibi girl . We are so proud of you.

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