BREAKING NEWS: This video of Jose Manalo and Gerald Anderson is Viral Now!

BREAKING NEWS: Jose Manalo and Gerlad Anderson nagkasagutan sa Basketball Court!

We all know that one of the best comedian of this generation is no other than the noon time show Eat Bulaga host Jose Manalo. Jose Manalo is part of the trio JoWaPao and known to be one of the best impersonator and comedian of this generation.

Last 2012 it was already 5 years ago. When Jose Manalo meets the well known Kapamilya ex pinoy big brother housemate Gerald Anderson.

Gerald Anderson plays the iconic role Budoy which was televised and aired by the rival network of GMA (which Jose Manalo works) which is ABS-CBN.

When Jose Manalo meets Gerald he impersonates the role of Gerald as Budiy he said that he is the "unggoy" (monkey) version of Gerald Anderson.

The video below is very funny . Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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