FULL VIDEO COVERAGE: Alden Richards for Boardwalk Shares at Riverbank

FULL VIDEO COVERAGE: Alden Richards for Boardwalk Shares at Riverbank

Alden Richards is the Ambassador of Boardwalk. He is the most trusted endorser of boardwalk Philippines. Last July 28,2017 he had a show for Boardwalk shares at Riverbank.

Boardwalk is a group of communities who believes that fashion is more than what it gives. Through building an extensive fashion network, we believe that fashion can become a force of social change – providing sustainable livelihood and continuous opportunities to people who want to be part of this social enterprise.

Alden Richards together with some of the Kapuso stars Jeric Gonzales and many more performed at Marikina Riverbank to help some fellow Filipinos.

Boardwalk is in its 25 years of providing high quality products to the people in the Philippines and all over the world and as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and kindness they give back the blessings to our fellow Filipinos.

In the event there was a special Promo for all customers purchasing Boardwalk Shares products online and on-ground at the Riverbanks mall event itself.

The special promo gave an opportunity for Boardwalk Shares customers to receive an autographed Alden Richards calendar, a one-on-one photo opportunity with Alden Richards and One Up or in groups of five (5), as long as required minimum purchases are met in a single transaction receipt.

To avail of this promo, customers will need to either 1) purchase Boardwalk Shares products online on the Boardwalk Shares website (boardwalkshares.com) or 2) purchase Boardwalk Shares  products on-ground three (3) days before the event until the event proper from July 25 – 28, 2017. The online promo will be distinct from the promo on ground though both promos have similar mechanics.

The following are the sales promos for the June 30 Riverbanks Mall event:

Watch the full video coverage of Alden Richards performance for Boardwalk shares at Makati Riverbank  and comment your reactions.

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