CAUGHT ON CAM : Read Alden Richards Lips!

CAUGHT ON CAM : Read Alden Richards Lips!

Maine is holding a picture frame of last year’s Tamang Panahon. She is cooking chopsuey for Alden, one of his favorite food. It’s their 2nd day as a couple :)

Here comes Alden, he brought a basket of fruits for Maine. How sweet of Menggay, she is taking care of her husband. It’s time for their first lunch together as a couple.

Oh no, Alden forgot about the Tamang Panahon Anniversary, but he is just joking :)

Alden is looking for the wedding video, according to Jason Magbanua, he will just send it via email. It’s dubsmash time with Alden & Maine.

Here comes the Lolas with the Rogelios! Lola Nidora just had a check-up in the hospital, she’s fine as of now. The Rogelios bought some of the gifts from Dabarkads. Some of the gifts of AlDub will be donated to Filipinos that were affected by the recent typhoon.

Maine receives a call from their videographer, the full video is now ready….FREEZE!

Meanwhile have you read what Alden Richards said? Read his lips <3

Watch here and comment your reactions below.

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