Alden Richards and Ryan Agoncillo take their Stand on Depression Issues!

Alden Richards and Ryan Agoncillo take their Stand on Depression Issues!

Joey De Leon is one of the most well known Television host and comedian of the longest running noon time show Eat Bulaga. He is one of the members of the TVJ also known as Tito (which is for Tito Sotto) , Vic (which is for Vic Sotto) , and Joey.

He is one of the pioneers of Eat Bulaga under TAPE INC. and Eat Bulga is on its 38th years being on Philippine Television and known for his "pseudo-genius" words and poetic words.

On the episode of Eat Bulaga last October 5,2017 Joey De Leon expressed out his thoughts and opinion about depression.

While the group of Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola with Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards were interviewing the Sugod Bahay winner . The winner says her mom is suffering depression.

Joey De Leon butts in and said that it is not an illness and it is just "gawa-gawa lamang" while Jose Manalo and Allan K us agreeing to the so called pseudo "Henyo Master" Maine Mendoza together with Alden Richards stand up for their opinion.

Maine said that we need to give attention and guidance and support to those people who are suffering from depression. Alden Richards added that we need to give them moral support.

Again Joey De Leon butts in and said we dont need to support them because its just gawa-gawa lamang with Allan K Agreeing to Joey De Leon. Then  suddenly the split screen blacked out in the branagay.

Many netizens give their reactions to Joey De Leon's words. They totally disagree to what the d pseudo "Henyo Master" says and they did gave props to Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards for standing up for the depressed people.

They said we need more of AlDub in the world full of Jeoy De Leon.

Watch the episode below and the reactions of the netizens and comment your reactions also.

This October 6,2017 Dabarkads Ryan Agoncillo and Dabarkads Alden Richards finally gave their reaction and stand about depression.

On the Instagram post of Ryan Agoncillo he said:

@ryan_agoncillo Good morning. I hope all is well with you and your family. Like you, I’m all too aware of how real depression is. Having had to deal with it for a long time now, having lost friends, heroes and even myself to its depths, i know when it rears it’s ugly head, signs aren’t instant but more like quicksand. I know it cuts across the board, it knows no age, gender, religion, civil or economic status. what unfolded yesterday was a very painful and familiar exchange. I’ve heard it at the dinner table, in the car on the way to school and at the office cafeteria, everywhere. the ferocity with which the reaction was released was what made me pay close attention though. instead of the tv instincts kicking in for a quick draw reaction, i knew i had to remain quiet and not add to the noise. because it is this very noise that pushes the quiet ones further into a corner. it is good we have this avenue for expression, let’s continue to do so. it is healthier, thank you for this. mahigpit na yakap para sa iyo at sa mga tahimik.

Meanwhile on the Twitter post of Bae Alden Richards he said:

@aldenrichards02 My mom suffered from bipolar depression all her life when she had us. I know every single detail of it and how hard she suffered from it.

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