VIRAL NOW: Maine Mendoza Blog Update about AlDub Nation Fest 2017 is worth reading!

VIRAL NOW: Maine Mendoza Blog Update about AlDub Nation Fest 2017 is worth reading!

DISCLAIMER : This article is retracted from Maine Mendoza's blog entitled AlDub nation Fest 2017.  Enjoy Reading. This is her latest as of October 24,2017.

Hey hey hey! I was supposed to write a Sunday Currently entry last Sunday but I got home around 1am already and decided to sleep instead. Anyway, I am here to talk about this year’s AlDub Nation Fest that happened last October 22 at SMX Convention Center. If you are not a fan (o di kaya naman napadaan ka lang dito sa blog ko) and not familiar with the said event, ADN Fest is a gathering of AlDub fans from all over the Philippines to celebrate unity and fellowship. The event features a series of performances (song and dance numbers by some ADN members), meet-and-greet among fans, and different booths showcasing ADN’s creative and artistic sides. It is our second year to do this and I am just so glad to see that AlDub fans are still here. I mean, truth be told, fans come and go in all fanbases; but it is overwhelming to actually see a great number of people coming together to show their love and support. Minsan kasi [sa mga bagay bagay] akala mo wala na, pero nandyan pa pala. I am just happy and grateful to see that the venue was filled with our supporters– those who came back and those who never left.

So ganito yun.. the day before the event, I met some fans in the studio and asked me if I’ll attend the event. Syempre sabi ko “Hindi ako makakapunta”, para may pa-emeng surprise kinabukasan. I don’t think they believed me though because I am a bad liar. Haha! Anyway, so I woke up at 12nn the next day and prepared right away. I decided to be the one to do my makeup and hair for the event. I don’t know if you are aware but I honestly don’t know how to do my makeup anymore. Last time I actually did my makeup was 2 years ago, ito pa yata yun..

I used to be fond of playing with makeup but when I got here in show business I never got the chance to do my own makeup again. Takot ko nalang din na pumalya at magmukha akong espasol sa telebisyon. Ever since I started, I’ve always had a glam team with me during events and shows. For personal day/night outs, I just do a little grooming; (yes, parang aso lang?) lip and cheek tints are good to go.

So going back, I decided to do my own makeup for the event. I am not sure if it looked fine, but I think it could pass as “pa fresh” look lang. I was not planning on doing a plakadong makeup since I always want our fans to see how naturally beautiful I am. HAHAHA, o diba nakakatawa, joke kasi yun. Seriously though, I wanted a simple look. Yung look na parang bibili ka lang ng suka pero nag-abala ka ng konti.

I got to the venue at around 3 and met Alden there. Pagbaba palang ng sasakyan puro picture na! Parang nakaka isang hakbang palang ako, 36 na shutter na yung narinig ko. I don’t know why but sometimes (especially during out of work days) I get really shy and weirded out when there are cameras around. When we got inside the venue, fans started cheering and I felt like I was set on autopilot. (Autopilot = Auto embarrassment) Every time I get exposed to a huge crowd, my mind goes somewhere. The overwhelming feeling I get immediately fleets to my mind, giving it the signal to go blank and dysfunction. Hindi ko alam kung yung utak ko ba nagttravel papuntang talampakan ko. Gee, I just hate how it always happens to me.

So Alden and I went to the stage to greet everyone.. and the crowd started cheering. After a moment, we went to our table already to watch the program.

So nice to see how they all prepared for the event; may pa-sayaw, pa-kanta, pa-sayaw na may pa-kanta, at pa-kanta na may pa-sayaw, anu daw?! Ang galing kasi ang daming talentado sa fandom; mas talentado pa sa iniidolo. Charot, not charot. Lol!

They sang a few Kalyeserye songs and songs that Alden and I personally love. I remember Silent Sanctuary’s Sa’Yo, Coldplay’s Yellow, Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know, and my favourite performance that day, Chantal Kreviazuk’s Feels Like Home. I could not help but be emotional inside while listening to Feels Like Home, though I tried my best to fight the feeling through distracting myself but the song is just too beautiful to ignore.

People were coming at us for photos and book signatures, but I will never forget when @antonyostark came up to me and introduced himself. I thanked him for something personal and what he said in response made me tear up. He looked me in the eyes and said, “I know you by heart”. That was the sweetest thing someone has told me in a long time. I needed to hear that from someone, at that day, at that moment. I am glad he came up to me that afternoon. If you are reading this, I want to thank you again, Sir.. you do not know how much it means to me. 🙂

After a couple of song numbers, it was time for us to go around and see our fans around the venue. So may pa-parada si Mayor. It was overwhelming to see that some fans were (still) REALLY stoked to get near and catch sight of us. I mean, we are always out in different barangays during Eat Bulaga, hindi naman ganun kahirap na makita kami. But every time they see us, they always go wild with excitement. Nakakatuwa, lalo na yung iba na parang araw-araw nasa barangay pero parang araw-araw din first time kami makita. 🙂

Meet some of our beautiful supporters!

After the parade (talagang pinanindigan yung parade?! Haha!), we went back to the VIP area and prepared for the photo-op with fans. Unfortunately, we were not able to take group photos and selfies with everyone. Kasi baka bago pa mangalahati, maging ganito yung itsura namin..

So just like last what we did last year, we did the photo-ops per side, using a selfie stick para wide range. Yeheeesss.

And lastly, a group photo in the middle na ga-munggo na yung ulo ng mga tao sa likod.

After the photo op sesh, we went back to the stage and thanked everyone for the last time. Naki-sayaw pa kami actually doon sa last song bago kami umalis. Medyo shy pa kami ni Alden kaya hindi namin nailabas ang petmalung galawan namin na pang-lodi. Lol!

To the Org Committee, thank you very much for putting so much time and effort to make ADN fest happen. I am sorry if arranging this event ever caused you stressful days and sleepless nights. But guess what, it was a successful event and we have you to thank for that. 🙂

To those who were part of the program, thank you for giving us a great show. You did not only perform for a huge crowd, but you showed everyone how talented you guys are as individuals. Thank you for letting us witness your talents.

To those who came, thank you for spending a day with us. You could have done something else that day but you chose to be there. Thank you for waiting for hours.

To the event sponsors and partners, thank you for the support. Next year ulit? Hehe!

To everyone who participated, to all of you, thank you all so much for the overwhelming love. We do not deserve such amount of support from you guys but you still give it anyway. Salamat sa pagmamahal at panahon. I hope you all had fun as much as we did. I wish we get to do this every year! Iba pa din kapag sama-sama tayong lahat; sa iisang araw, at sa iisang lugar.

Hayag_ADN Fest-8057

And as I always say, no matter what happens, please do keep the bond and friendship that you have with the people in this fandom. Treasure it.


Credits to John of @hayagphotos for the beautiful photographs! (Thanks Ms. Rachel for helping me get the official photos!)

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