VIRAL VIDEO: Fan Boy cries upon seeing his idols Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards!

VIRAL VIDEO: Fan Boy cries upon seeing his idols Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards!

The Phenomenal stars Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards has gone a long way though their career. We all know that they first met at the longest running noon time show Eat Bulaga wherein Maine Mendoza play the role as Yaya Dub and Alden play the role as himself.

After the sparks of Alden and Maine via split screen a history was recorded. They became the most breakthrough star of 2015 and for the present year.

We do not hear any immoral or negative acts that Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards done for the past few years of their rise to stardom.

They still have humble and kind heart. Yes they have issues regarding having external affairs with other artist but we all know that the bashers and those people that are just making that are the ones who wants to destroy them but nothing will beat the support of AlDub Nation to AlDub.

Some says that Alden and Maine were just a on-screen partner but we AlDub Nation believe that there is more to that.

Last October 24,2017 held the gathering and celebration of the fans club of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards which is the AlDub Nation . The fan fest is called the AlDub Nation fest . It is the 2nd year celebration of the said gathering.

There are games, raffle draws, music and dancing as well as the picture taking of fans to their idol Maine and Alden.

What makes the event special is that there are some die hard fans who still remain loyal and true to Maine and Alden just like this video who went viral.

Twitter username Ubarco Boat uploaded a video of him , crying , when he heard the song of AlDUb Nation and of course upon just seeing his idols Maine and Alden .

Maine Mendoza retweeted the video.

Watch the video below and comment your reactions.

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